Why Is It Necessary To Perform Air Conditioning Maintenance?

After investing your money by installing a new air conditioning system, you do not want your money to go to waste. The best way to protect your investment is to maintain the air conditioning system regularly. Regular maintenance ensures that your system is always working at its optimum. There are simple maintenance works you can do by yourself, but for more complex maintenance work, you should hire an air conditioning system contractor to help. This article looks at some of the reasons air conditioning system maintenance is necessary.

Maintain its high efficiency

A new air conditioning system works at 100 per cent efficiency. However, just like any other machine, it loses about 5 per cent of its efficiency each year of it is not maintained in the right way. Regular maintenance makes your system to run at its highest capacity. This makes it consume the right amount of power. It also makes it offer fast heating and cooling, making your home more comfortable to live. In case your system has lost some of its efficiency, you can recover the efficiency lost by hiring a professional to service it.

Enhance its durability

A well-maintained air conditioning system lasts for more years compared to one that is not serviced. If you fail to service the system, it loses its efficiency or even become dysfunctional. It does not matter how complex your system is; there are parts that require to be replaced and blockages that require to be unblocked. A well-maintained system will keep almost 95 per cent of its original efficiency. The right maintenance makes it last for more years making it give you value for the resources invested in it.

Promote its energy efficiency

Your air con system takes a good per cent of your monthly electricity bill. If you fail to maintain the system, it means that it will consume more power leading to high bills at the end of every month. By just doing simple maintenance, you will end up saving a lot of money at the end of every month because energy consumption will be reduced to a great extent.

Enhanced air quality in your home

Proper air conditioning maintenance ensures that your system works at its full potential. It makes your home more comfortable to relax as it leads to more improved air quality. It also helps keep humidity well controlled, thus boosting its cooling functionality. All the health risks caused by poor air quality will be eliminated or minimised in your home. This makes your home a safe place for everyone to live.

Protect warranty provided

Your new air conditioning system comes with a warranty. Depending on the model, it might have a warranty for a period of one or two years. However, the warranty is only valid if you manage to maintain your system from the day that it was installed. Therefore, make sure you maintain your air conditioner to ensure that the warranty provided does not become void and null.
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